PPP Project Simulation


The Simulation of a Public-Private Partnership is a unique interactive course developed by PPP Experts. It is the capstone module of the 20-day International Diploma in Public-Private Partnerships, also offered as a stand-alone training – climax of the Core Courses Offering. The pre-requisite of the course is good knowledge of fundamentals of PPP. Sufficient command of PPP project management and PPP Project Procurement is advised to achieve maximum efficiency – please see the Core Courses Offering.

The PPP Project Simulation is designed to enable the participants to apply their knowledge of theory to practice with the help a role-play exercise covering the lifecycle of a representative PPP project. The participants will role-play public or private sector project teams delivering a PPP project and make key decisions that need to be taken to bring the project into reality.

The Simulation participants will role play public or private sector project teams making key decisions necessary to take a representative PPP project through the key stages of its inception and procurement up to contract award and financial close.

The audience will be divided into three teams that will assume roles of the public authority that will launch a PPP tender, and two private consortia, bidding for the PPP project award. Throughout the four days of role-play the Simulation participants will develop financial models and produce core deal documents that are standard for PPP project procurement.

Day 1

Project Identification
and PPP Screening

Day 2

Appraisal and
Bid Preparation

Day 3

Tender Launch
and Process

Day 4

Commercial and
Financial Close

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to use Financial Models for preparation of public authority’s shadow, assessment of bidders and lenders financial models
  • Conducting full project due diligence
  • -Preparing key project documents for a sample project, including: feasibility study, shadow bid and base case financial models, risk matrix, bid structure (request for qualification/expression of interest, request for proposal)
  • Presenting the documents to key stakeholders at relevant stages to obtain approvals
  • Negotiating PPP Contract, financial and other project documentation terms vis-à-vis the bidders/investors and lenders
  • Planning and managing the complete PPP Procurement process including tender, commercial and financial close
  • Managing PPP stakeholder relationships