PPP Project Negotiation, Mobilisation and Fundraising

PPP Project Negotiation, Mobilisation and Fundraising

Cape Town , South Africa

11 May - 13 May
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3 Days




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This intermediate level course focuses on the pre-construction stage of a PPP, including project tender up to selection of preferred bidder, signing the PPP contract and financing agreements. The training will equip its participants from both public and private sectors with sufficient skills essential for this critical stage of the PPP procurement cycle: identification and allocation of risks, securing sources of finance and negotiation of key project terms. This training is aimed primarily at professionals with practical experience in PPPs, public sector procurement or private financing and management of infrastructure. The course builds up on the Fundamentals of PPP course, therefore participants are expected to have a good understanding of key PPP concepts. Basic knowledge of project management and project finance is not a prerequisite, but would be an advantage. The course will look at the PPP project procurement process via the risk management perspective and provide effective guidance in the critical considerations for successfully negotiating and delivering PPP Projects. It will also give participants a detailed understanding of the international infrastructure financing marketplace and share strategies of seeking financing for PPPs from commercial banks, international financing institutions, export credit agencies, as well as institutional investors, bond markets, etc. The training is based on international experience and best practice. It makes intensive use of case studies, discussions and exercises that involve all participants. Delegates who have attended the course will be able to identify and resolve key procurement issues, successfully managing project negotiations obtain financing, add value to the PPP project. For further information on this course please contact Reanna Roach, Marketing and Events Co-ordinator at r.roach@pppexperts.com
We use a blend of the most advanced and proven learning methods incorporating key principles of cognitive-social psychology, organisational psychology as well as NLP. Whether you prefer to learn through a cognitive approach or behavioural, our courses are balanced to reflect the different learning styles of our audience. Our training techniques will include;
  • Building on participants’ experience through small interactive tutorials, building of a framework of skills or strategies and group discussion, brainstorming and collective workshops in larger groups,
  • Simulation/role playing,
  • Reflexive practice: skills modelled and replicated through supervised practice, then feedback,
  • Basis for further self-study through materials that allow participants to go beyond the initial training,
  • Follow-up and self-assessment with trainers after the session,
  • Facilitated review and summation of training sessions,
We are here to support your development by employing the most efficient learning styles. If you require any special assistance, please contact us so that we may provide you with the necessary support. You can email us at info@pppexpert.com
The course is designed to involve many personnel and departments to identify any knowledge gaps and enhance their awareness of PPP contracts.
  • Commercial managers
  • Contracts and purchasing managers and executives
  • Finance managers
  • Sales support team members
  • Business development managers
  • Anyone seeking to negotiate the best deal on terms of sales and purchase contracts

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Cape Town , South Africa
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