Obtaining Finance for Infrastructure Projects

Obtaining Finance for Infrastructure Projects

London , UK

10 Aug - 12 Aug
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3 Days




Basic understanding of PPP Framework


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The course will enhance the public sectors understanding of the types of funding and grants that are available for infrastructure including PPP related projects from various international Financial institutions. In addition, participants will improve their ability to take up available grants together with increasing their understanding of other forms of funding that are available. The course aims to provide a detailed summary on obtaining funding for all types of infrastructure projects to get such projects moving in the right direction. This course is designed to help delivery teams with all of the key aspects of project funding through the complex procurement phase. It provides a hands on guide to the key areas and topics delegates need to be familiar with. For further information on this course please contact Reanna Roach, Marketing and Events Co-ordinator at r.roach@pppexperts.com

We use a blend of the most advanced and proven learning methods incorporating key principles of cognitive-social psychology, organisational psychology as well as NLP. Whether you prefer to learn through a cognitive approach or behavioural, our courses are balanced to reflect the different learning styles of our audience. Our training techniques will include;

  • building on participants’ experience through small interactive tutorials, building of a framework of skills or strategies and group discussion, brainstorming and collective workshops in larger groups,
  • simulation/role playing,
  • reflexive practice: skills modelled and replicated through supervised practice, then feedback,
  • basis for further self-study through materials that allow participants to go beyond the initial training,
  • follow-up and self-assessment with trainers after the session,
  • facilitated review and summation of training sessions,

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The course will be relevant to a wide range of PPP Stakeholders or interested parties from differing backgrounds including:
  • Procuring Officers
  • Municipalities
  • Government, Municipality and Procuring Authority
  • Executives and Officials
  • Consultants working with or advising the public sector on infrastructure, procurement policies and projects
  • Private sector contractors and consultants
He is a UK Qualified lawyer with over 20 years of practice. He is a specialist in infrastructure, construction and PPP projects and has advised on many major PPP projects in transport, health, education, defence, accommodation, energy and waste to energy in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Africa. He was Head of the UN’s PPP Readiness Task Force (set up to give practical aid and advice to countries in their PPP implementation programmes), is a member of the UNECE PPP Team of Specialists, an associate expert in PPP Capacity Building with UNDP, Chairman of PPP Experts Limited and is a patron of the charity HEART (Helping Empower Africa to Regenerate Together). He has assisted the United Nations Economic and Social Commission in drafting its Transport PPP Guidance documentation and Co-authored the UNECE Guide to Promoting Good Governance in Public Private Partnerships. He has recently carried out a feasibility study for PPP implementation in Mongolia and Uzbekistan on behalf of the Governments and worked with USAID, the Mongolian State Property Committee and its PPP Unit to develop PPP Capacity and the Mongolian Governments PPP documentation as part of USAID’s Economic Policy Reform and Competitiveness Project. He worked on a World Bank Project for training of Government Officials in PPP in India. He has lectured extensively on PPP related topics and has worked with UNDP, United Nations Economic and Social Commission Asia Pacific, U.N.E.C.E , the Moscow School of Economics, the Moscow Financial University, the World Bank, USAID, and Asia Development Bank in the Asia Pacific region and Eastern Europe developing PPP Capacity Building and drafting standard guidance and contract documentation.

London , UK
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